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Mathematics of Parenting is Based on Nurture & Sensitivity

The Mathematics of Parenting is Easy!

Power + Strength of Parents = SENSITIVITY

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The research results are in and the evidence is clear. The power and strength of parenting stems from the most unexpected place. Research has proven that parental sensitivity is one of the most powerful factors in healthy childhood development. This information flies in the face of some old timey traditions of spare the rod and spoil the child or children are to be seen, not heard. I will admit that many of our ancestors might be challenged to understand the meaning of this new evidence. Still, parents are most effective when children can depend on loving, sensitive, and responsive care.

You may ask yourself what I am basing this information upon. This recommendation for sensitive parenting is based on multiple factors, all of which point to parental sensitivity as a vital key to healthy effective parenting. Multiple research studies conducted under stringent conditions have demonstrated the effectiveness of parental sensitivity. In addition, I have raised birth children, heart children, and am watching my children raise grandchildren with sensitivity – with outstanding results!

How is it possible for sensitivity to be such an incredibly powerful parenting tool? Where is the bite or the string that forces children to learn? The answer is that the power to change rests upon the child. That’s right. When parents set clear rules and maintain healthy boundaries, in a sensitive and loving environment, children can learn quite easily how to behave and make good choices.

Now, children are only able to demonstrate age appropriate skills and behaviors. A 5 year old is not able to drive and will not be able to make a healthy decision about whether the neighbor down the street is a safe adult. A 5 year old can, however, know basic right from wrong, use good manners, and know to stay out of the road and keep away from the hot stove. As children grow and their brains develop, they are able to add increasingly complex skills and behaviors to their repertoire.

So, Dad and Mom! I promise you that sensitive parenting is the key to raising healthy, productive, responsible, and caring children who grow up to become good citizens. I have a growing family and many, many wonderful clients and students to prove it!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles to further discuss the culture of really effective parenting! Plus, learn how to do toddler activities to help teach your child about responsibility, social skills, and respect!

Children are the gift of our future.