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Scrabble Can Increase Brain Power and Intelligence!

Scrabble & Other Games Can Increase Brain Power & Intelligence

Scrabble to Increase IQOverworked and then stretched with another graduate program, I searched for something to help me relax … and improve my memory at the same time. Sounds impossible? Parents, I got the shock of the century this last break when my daughter added a Scrabble app to my phone. I must have played over 100 games during the break. I willed myself to memorize the letters and work on possible word combinations in my head. I had a great time, met a wonderful new Scrabble friend, and now have improved my short term memory by … well … bunches!!!

Playing thought provoking games stimulates the brain and helps increase functional intelligence and general brain power.

What is the science behind this Scrabble IQ Boost? As a special education teacher and counselor, I can say that the brain can become fit for new tasks. When we are relaxed and enjoying what we do, the learning goes even faster.

How can this help my child? Parents can play games with children, or set children up to play fun games with siblings, peers, neighbors, and occasionally even with a phone or computer. The quality of the game, the amount of fun the child has, and the extent to which the child is engaged in a social learning experience (interacting with others through play) will determine the benefit to the child. Examples of just a few great games are Scrabble, Boggle, Bingo, Yahtzee, Life, Monopoly, Pictionary, trivia games, and my all time favorite Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.