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Focused Family Time is Priceless!

Focused Family Time is Priceless!

Families are the core structure of society that allows the human race to survive and thrive. The family introduces children to love, language, and effective living. Focused Family Time offers families the opportunity to promote child development, social learning, and even encourage good behavior! Explore how more Focused Family Time is Worth a $ Million!

Families who practice Focused Family Time will give their children the gift of healthy relationships and a lifetime of love.


Children are like little sponges, soaking up everything their parents do and say. The way parents interact with each other helps set the tone of respect and healthy communication in the family. How parents treat other people and their children helps determine their child’s behavior and level of respect for others. Focused Family Time is a priceless tool that allows parents to serve as models for high quality family and social interaction. When parents create Focused Family Time, children learn the value of high quality relationships, communication, and interaction … which all leads up to an Awesome Family Experience.

Focused Family Time allows parents to gently guide children toward better interactive and social skills. Parents can nudge a child to ask ‘how was your day, Daddy?’ or say ‘thank you’. Sibling conflict is easily addressed during family time when parents can gently suggest ways to resolve the conflict and return to a place of respect. Focused Family Time becomes a virtual social switchboard for evaluating, directing, and promoting healthy social development of all family members.

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships is a virtual art form, as many parents know. When children are bullied, teased, or betrayed by classmates and friends, parents feel the pain almost as much as the children. Learning to create awesome relationships with family is the best way to help children learn about what a valuable relationship feels like and how to sustain it. Parents should encourage children to talk about friendship issues with the family. This allows the entire family to learn and contribute to the recovery process. Children from stable families that practice Focused Family Time are more likely to develop effective relationship skills to identify and maintain healthy relationships later in life. These excellent skills will allow teens and young adults too be able to select and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships.

Parents can begin practicing Focused Family Time as soon as the first child arrives. Research shows that infants can detect social conflict from the age of 9 months! So parents must begin early to establish good communication and relationship skills. The early Focused Family Time can involve parents while they hold baby in their arms, and evolve as the child matures. Parents can expect that relationship, communication, and parenting skills will grow as the family grows. Parents and family members can  cooperate to create an awesome family environment that offers fertile soil in which to sustain the roots of relationship, family, and love.

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