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Relationships are Key to a Happy Life

Relationships are key to a happy life, and this is true for adults and children, single folks couples, companies and families. No matter who you are, relationships expand your resources and increase your resistance to the struggles and stress of life.


Friendships and relationships with acquaintances are surprisingly supportive for emotional health and stability. Humans are social beings and the extent to which a person is surrounded with friendly folks helps determine overall quality of life. Of course, the more stable and supportive the relationships the more favorable the outlook for happiness and overall satisfaction in life.

89309006Parents want the best for their children, and also want to find happiness and satisfaction in life for themselves. Effective relationships with your children are critical to their healthy social and emotional development. Meanwhile, co-parents must be able to turn to one another for love, support, understanding, and compassion. Strong relationships within and around the family provide a firm foundation on which a family can grow.

With the many challenges that life can throw at you, relationships are key to creating the life of your dreams. Couples are able to find comfort and companionship as well as an outlet for intimacy and sexuality. Research shows that committed relationships lead to a longer life. The caring and support of a co-partner can ease your mind during troubled times and provide a richer and more meaningful quality of life.

The quality of life is greatly enhanced by human relationships. The better fit we are as individuals to be in relationship with another person, the greater the likelihood that each of us will find happiness, love, and satisfaction in life. You can bank on it!