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Sophisticated Sex Talk Not Just Talking Dirty

Sexuality is a universal experience. Yet many adults are afraid of honest talk about sexuality. Sophisticated sex talk is an important part of satisfying and intimate relationships. Sexual sophistication helps couples deepen connections and increase sensuality and intimacy.  But be aware that intimate sex talks are much more than talking dirty.

Couples can move beyond the limits of society and be willing to dive in the deep end of this taboo subject. Meaningful sex talk can deepen relationships, improve satisfaction, and promote good health.

Couples need to discuss health issues related to sex. Nothing is more of a wet blanket on romance than the fear of STD or pregnancy. Safe sex is one aspect of sophisticated sex talk that must be addressed in order to allow couples to move to deeper levels of intimacy and passion.

Talking openly about sexuality outside the bedroom may feel uncomfortable, but this will change with practice. Sexual sophistication will unfold over time. Begin discussing small issues about your sexual experiences and preferences, like favorite romantic movie or mood music. Increase the depth and intensity of sex talks over time to evolve into a sophisticated sex talker.

Be patient and allow the process of meaningful communication about sexuality to unfold as your relationship deepens. Once over the initial shyness, couples can delve into more sophisticated and rich conversation to stimulate intimacy. Couples can explore personal preferences, fantasies, and techniques.

Be willing to learn new skills for communicating about sex. The Mayo Clinic encourages women to develop good sex communication skills in order to improve sexual satisfaction. Taking a class on human sexuality may provide new concepts and terminology to support more sophisticated sex talk.

Remain open and vulnerable when exploring the sensual side of sex talk. Share what is most intimate and satisfying for you. Learn what is sensual to your partner. Share what stimulates intimacy for you.

Focus on what is amazing, inspiring and sensational about your sexual experience. Conversations about sophisticated sexuality is not about talking dirty, although talking dirty can be a legitimate part of sex talk for some couples. Make sophisticated conversation about your sexual life an important part of your relationship.

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