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While you are exploring our site, please take a moment to check out some of these fine book titles. We have hand selected some of our favorites from over the years. Some titles promote academics and learning while others help children develop emotional self-regulation, social skills, and better behavior. At no extra cost to you, a small portion of each purchase you make from a link on our site will benefit The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

My Mouth is a Volcano“My Mouth Is a Volcano” is an excellent book for children who need to develop awareness of appropriate ways to speak to others. This book helps young children become aware of how and when they may verbally rage at others, and provide some help with choosing not to rage at others. We have used this book extensively in working with children with Reactive Attachment Disorder as well as children who are dysregulated as a result of exposure to trauma and abuse. This book is also great for children who just plain forget their manners and speak out of turn!!

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