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Emergent Curriculum From Popcorn???

Curriculum of PopcornEmergent Curriculum is child-led curriculum. Children are wonderful collaborators in their own learning process! An Emergent Curriculum activity like this one can really engage home school students and keep parent-teachers happy!

On this day, the children selected a popcorn treat as their learning activity. The process started with our exploring snacks on Pinterest … and ended up with the children setting up caramel popcorn in a tiny tea cup to take a picture … and make a pin for Pinterest!

Integrated curriculum, such as this one, provides the richest learning for children. The more expansive the learning and the more engaged the students, the more brain activity! More brain activity leads to deeper learning and greater ease of recall in the future.

Home schooling parents are not the only ones who may benefit from mastering Emergent Curriculum design. Attachment parenting and many natural parenting styles are also focused on promoting learning and development of children.

Even children who attend a formal school will benefit from extra-curricular learning experiences at home. Learning is just as valid in the home as it is in a school setting!!!

So today, we celebrated student-led learning in the form of Caramel Popcorn as an Emergent Curriculum plan! Finally, a lesson plan that comes with its own snack!!!

Happy Parenting! Happy Homeschooling!!!