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Love Grows Here??? Beyond RAD & DSED

Love Grows Here???

Human love is an enduring part of fairytales and folklore. We all learned how love moved through the heart of the villain to bring about a positive change in character. Yet, science shows that love actually grows here … in the Brain!!!

Attachment theory teaches us about how children develop the ability to love and be loved.

And it is centered in the developing brain of the human child.

Sensitive and responsive parenting helps the brain begin to recognize love, caring, and compassion in the world. The infant’s brain develops new brain cells that form into working centers that support social processing, communication, and compassion.

Attachment Disorder can occur when a child’s healthy attachment development has been damaged or interrupted. Medical problems, stress, mental illness, death, trauma, and abuse are just a few examples of challenges that can upset families and interfere with a child’s healthy attachment formation.

Attachment gone wrong can be painful and tragic. Some of the challenges of attachment include Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder or DSED. Careful therapy and intervention is required when children get off to a poor start in the area of Attachment Development.

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