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Mental Health

Mental Health is one critical aspect of total health and well-being, and plays a huge role in the way people learn, create relationships, and life their lives. That is why Dr. Darleen Claire offers Clinical Mental Health Counseling services as part of the menu of services through Orchard Human Service, Inc. If your child has a problem with learning, behavior, mood, attitude, development, or mental health, and you live in the greater Metro Atlanta area, you are invited to schedule an initial consultation to see what services are available for your child. Locations include Alpharetta, Marietta, College Park, Hiram, and Cumberland.

Research shows that many mental health challenges are associated with early signs of developmental delay. So early identification and intervention is the best way to help children grow up to be healthy, happy, and strong of mind and heart. Some of the early intervention services include motor development, whether fine or gross motor movements are impacted. Social and emotional interventions help children identify feelings of self and others, communicate, and find ways to keep their own emotions and behavior in line.

Still other styles of development include Attachment or bonding capacities. Early intervention for disordered or delayed attachment development can boost a child’s ability to connect with others, self-regulate, and be a good citizen whether in the classroom or the community.

Many conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attachment Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder all have some common underpinnings in the areas of broad development. No matter what the diagnosis, most children will benefit from training and intervention to boost focus, attention, and communication skills. Metacognition is another area of individual development that can boost aspects of mental health as well as learning, social, and emotional development.

Dr. Darleen Claire is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Non-Clinical Psychoneuroeducational Psychologist, and Educational Interventionist and Advocate. She can be reached by telephone at 770-686-0894 or by email at