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Mind Blowing Sexual Intimacy & Passion for Co-Parents! WEBINAR


 Mind Blowing Sexual Intimacy & Passion for Co-Parents!


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Passion & Intimacy

 Is parenting ruining your romantic life?

Sensual pleasure? Sex life?


Get HELP Now!!!


 You are NOT alone. Co-parents need to find their sensual and sexual groove in order to withstand the challenges of parenting. Your child desperately need for parents to be passionately in love – because the way parents love each other today will determine how children will experience love when they are adults.

Parents – stop denying yourself! Put your own needs first – to create a stable family – and to be a living example to your children of what a committed and passionate relationship is. The quality of YOUR co-parent relationship today may determine the quality of relationships your children enjoy as adults. Make sure you are doing it right with our 90 minute Webinar:

    • Find answers to your critical questions!
    • Stop YEARNING for fulfilling PASSION & INTIMACY! Stop feeling LONELY!
    • Learn WHY Mind Blowing Sexual Intimacy & Passion is CRITICAL to stable happy families!
    • Find out how to incorporate YOUR relationship satisfaction into your family culture!
    • Explore the BRAIN SCIENCE of how to have MORE SEXUAL INTIMACY & PASSION!
    • Discover HOW to fit MIND BLOWING SEXUAL INTIMACY into YOUR busy family life!
    • Master the ART of Co-Parent SEXUAL SATISFACTION!


Webiner sponsored by The Orchard Human Services, Inc.

a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

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90 Minute (1 1/2 Hour) Webinar will help you get out of relationship distress and back into the groove of sensual and intimate satisfaction.

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Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and prepare to increase the intimate space in your life!

Host of this webinar is Darleen Claire Wodzenski, a Parent and Relationship Expert with a background in sexuality counseling, clinical mental health, education, and life coaching.

Darleen Claire is a joyful parent and grandparent who has maintained a passionate and romantic relationship with her co-parent of 33+ years. Her husband, Dr. Steve, is a gentle parent, CASA volunteer, and chiropractor who practices in the Atlanta area. Darleen Claire is also Executive Director of The Orchard Human Services, Inc.

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Register for Webinar Date & Time
Enter Your Email Address:

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Webinar sponsored by The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.