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Feeling Low? – 11 Tips to Help You Feel Better

Relax & Feel Betterby Linda Berman
You maybe concerned about feeling depressed and you want to do something special for yourself to lift your spirits. Check with your doctor, then consider the following things you may do for yourself.
1. This low feeling may be the result of a chemical imbalance. Review your food intake for the past few days. This includes what you drink, smoke, pills you take, etc. Eat only healthy, non-processed foods for a few days and make note of the changes.
2. Do some light exercise. Moving your body helps you focus on other things and allows for more mental and physical flexibility.
3. If you have a feeling of isolation, spend time in another environment.
4. Do something for someone less fortunate – it will take the focus temporarily off yourself, while helping you feel a little better about yourself.
5. Reduce the stress. Care for yourself in the ways that comfort you. Wear loose fitting clothes, relax and create a space for yourself that feels good.
6. Create boundaries so you can spend some time in your space of solitude without interruption.
7. Give yourself some quiet time to ease your mind. Focus on how it feels when there are no worries or burdens. Put the everyday mental chatter in your mind to rest for now, this is the time to care for yourself, your whole self — when you feel better you can pick up where you left off.
8 Notice what you focus on. Refocus to live in appreciation, for everything or even one little thing.
9. Reconnect with nature; be more specific about it – have a gentle attitude and watch nature more specifically: notice a bird on a branch, smell the essence of a flower, notice the movement of a drop of water.
10. Congratulate yourself for all the things you have done and the changes you have made to take care of yourself in a new way.
11. Make a chart and track your progress. Take note of how you’re feeling and track the times that you’re able to accomplish the items on this list. The changes may be gradual and this is one way to get feedback to track your progress. 

Linda Berman

Linda Berman is a writer, speaker and consultant. She brings rich life experience and deep insight to address topics related to individual growth, relationships, parenting, and family life.
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