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Zen Side of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction sends countless men to doctors and the internet to purchase drugs like Viagra and Cialis. According to Harvard Medical School, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be caused by a variety of medical and psychological factors. Some simple cures do not even require medication. Explore how mature sex can bring more quality and satisfaction to life – Exploring the zen side of ED.

111 dandelionDrugs for Erectile Dysfunction are flying off the shelves. The advent of Viagra and Cialis, along with a push to sell these drugs directly to the public, led to widespread and casual prescription of these medications to treat ED without cursory medical or psychological assessment (Binik & Hall, 2014).

This practice is concerning as these medications are associated with real side effects. Plus, failure to identify underlying problems such as prostate cancer sometimes leads to death (Binik & Hall, 2014). At the very least, men must make careful and mature decisions to use an ED drug. The potential side effects must be weighed carefully against the benefits.

Some underlying causes of ED require medical treatment. Problems with blood pressure and blood flow can, for example, contribute to ED. Yet such conditions are dangerous if left untreated. The good news is that treating such hidden causes of ED can both improve health and allow for the return of a more vital erection.

Other causes of ED can be improved through changes in behavior and lifestyle. Weight loss and exercise are examples of behavior changes that can improve some cases of ED.

Psychological factors are another common cause of ED symptoms. Stress and a frenzied focus on orgasm may interfere with the natural process of excitation and orgasm. Men can work through mental blocks that dampen responsiveness and learn to move away from stressful living, often with positive results.

From a sociocultural perspective, ED medications have changed the course of sexual development in humans. Historically, mature adults were forced to deal with physiological and other changes that led to a shift in sexual experience. This caused mature individuals dealing with ED to develop some inspired habits and behaviors.

A Mature MaleA more mature sexual experience may have led to wider variety and quality of sexual experience for both partners. More patience, time, and consideration may be required to help achieve and maintain erection later in life. As a result, mature lovers who must adjust in response to ED may develop a deeper connection to sexual partners.

Sex may transform from a race to achieve orgasm into a slowly expanding process that fully engages all of the senses.  As lovers must take more time and care to overcome changes associated with ED, a deeper human connection may be forced. Deeper connections can lead to more highly stimulating and fulfilling sexual experience.

The orgasm that may result from more sensual and committed sexual interaction can mature as well. Dodson (2009) discussed how each orgasm is a completely unique experience that can never be forced or contrived (Ross & Dodson, 2009). Surrendering mental focus on the orgasm may allow men to focus on the moment, allowing for inspiring and completely unique sexual encounters.

Going with the flow of the changing orgasmic process helps people learn to adjust to the constant flux of life. Deeper sharing and communication allows both partners to explore with is personally satisfying, and perfect the art of sharing extreme pleasure.

ED medications have changed the course of sexual development for mature men, thereby also changing the sexual experience of their partners. Viagra and Cialis continue to promote a Western drive toward orgasm as the ultimate goal of sex. This focus on the orgasm may interfere with sexual satisfaction of mature adults.

Mature MaleA mature sexual perspective can bring heightened pleasure and sensual experience. Partners who go with the flow may learn to handle natural changes that are part of the life process, and ripen into more fully expressive and satisfied sexual partners. A zen perspective of ED can provoke men to experience a paradoxical change that can lead to improved sexual experience and sensual pleasure.


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